France - Ardeche

Domaine Joyeuse - 13 plots

On a great location in the French region “l’Ardèche” we have 13 vast plots of private land for sale. You can build a house, in accordance with the architect, that fully meets your requirements; you can now realize your dream house in the Ardèche.

The town of Joyeuse is buzzing with activities. In particular the weekly lively market with its many regional products, attracts many visitors from all over the world. The art stores, the old industry and the restaurants hidden in the old town, are worth a visit. In the shade of the plane trees on one of the many terraces you can plan your next move.

In the immediate vicinity of Joyeuse you can swim in the river or relax on one of the many beaches, go fishing, horse riding, canoeing and make beautiful walks and cycling trips. A 20-minute drive and you find yourselves in the Georges de l’Ardèche at the foot of the Pont d’Arc and its world famous caves. Golf minded? It is a one hour drive to the 18-holes golf course of Montelimar. In the winter you can enjoy skiing and cross-country skiing in the ski area La Croix de Beauzon at approx. 45 minutes from Joyeuse.

All completed villas on the domaine are designed with specific South-French elements, such as in pastel shades painted shutters and covered terraces, the roofing consists of Roman roof tiles and facades in typical Mediterranean colours. In accordance with French legislation, you have a guarantee of 10 years on the main architectural aspects of the property. The villas are of course connected to the municipal sewage system, and the villas comply with all the requirements of fire safety.

The villas are heated by means of electric convectors, as almost everywhere in the French countryside, there is no gas. You will experience an optimal living comfort throughout the year thanks to the perfect insulation and the many luxurious facilities. In addition to a fireplace you can opt for a fully equipped kitchen with Whirlpool appliances, one or more bathrooms, covered terraces and a carport with storage.

The buyer can choose from several colours offered by the contractor, both for the kitchen but also for the wall and floor tiles.

If you are interested, please make an appointment with one of our agents for advice about this unique project.

You are very welcome!

Prices from €67,000 (buyer’s costs)

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€ 67.000,-

Living area: 80 m²

Bathrooms: from 1

Bedrooms: 1 till 6

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City centre

13 Houses

Luxury villas

Near forest

New build

Rental options

Unique location


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